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Cookies policy

In fulfillment of the Royal decree Law 13/2012, of 30 March by which modifies the Law of Services of Information Society, and relative to the utilisation of cookies in the web page: Herrajes Palencia, informs him that this website uses cookies to be able to measure and analyse the traffic of the Web, to facilitate him his experience like user and offer him a better service. If it wishes it it can configure his browser to be warned in screen of the reception of cookies or to prevent the installation of the same, taking into account that of this form would leave to have access to some functions in Internet.

Definition and function of the Cookies

A cookie it is a small archive created by a place of Internet to store information in his team, as for example, the preferences when it visits a web. When it accesses to a web page that uses cookies, this requests to the browser that save one or more cookies in the hard disk.
The cookies often save the configuration of the websites, like the language preferred or the location. Like this, when the user goes back to this web page, the browser sends again the cookies that belong him, what allows him loan service and personalised information in function of the needs.
The cookies also can arrive to save information that identify personally to the users, however this website does not use this type of cookies, and only will have access to the personal information that you provide through the forms of contact. 
Can change the configuration of cookies of the browser that you uses, so that it allow him approve or refuse automatically requests of storage of cookies when it closes the browser and other additional options.

Types of cookies that uses this web page
  • Technical
    This type of cookies facilitates information on the use that the user realises of the Web, as for example, what paginas has visited or if it has had technical problems in the accesses. These cookies do not allow to identify him, since the information that collect is anonymous and will be used only for works of improvement of design of the page and of navigation, statistics of use, etc. Allow that the web work of form more agile and adapted to the preferences of the users.
  • Of register
    create when registering you or when it initiates a session like user of the Web.
  • Of personalización
    Allow to customise the functions or contents of the website in function of the data obtained of the browser.
  • State of the session
    These cookies save the necessary information during the session and the changes related with her, and also determine if it is registered or no in the web.
  • Processes
    The cookies of processes allow the operation of the website and offer services expected by the user that accesses to the website as, for example, the navigation by web pages or the access to safe areas of the website.

Revocación And elimination of Cookies

You can configure his browser to allow, block, delete or desactivar the installed cookies in his team, by means of the configuration of the options of the installed browser in his team. In case that do not allow the installation of cookies in his browser is possible that can not access to any of the sections or functionalities of this website.
To configure the browser, desactivar or administer the installation of cookies, and that in this way erase automatically once that it close the browser, team or device, can obtain more information doing “click” in the following links that provide him, in function of the browser that you uses:

Of general form the majority of browsers allows the fast access to the elimination of the data of navigation, pressing the sequence of keys Ctrl+Mayus+Supr, being able to erase the Cookies.

Update of our Politics of Cookies

Is possible that update our Politics of Cookies in this website in function of exigencias legal or technical, thus if it wishes it, advise that it review this politics in some occasion, so as to be properly informed on how and for what use the cookies.